Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It happened...

Wow, it's been 3 weeks since I last posted. Time flies when you're having fun. I'm trying to think of all the "fun" I've had in that time.

For starters, I crewed the Komen for the Cure 60miles/3Day event in Seattle. It's 3 days for the walkers, but 4 for the crew. 4 REALLY long days, but so life affirming that everyone should take part in this event as either a walker or crew member. Crewing as medical personnel always gives you a little bit of an extra kick in the pants because you see first hand the trials of some of these walkers and how to the detriment of their own health, will persevere.

Unfortunately, in doing my duty in Seattle for breast cancer awareness, I was missing out on doing my duty in Penticton (Canada) for the Rotary Youth Exchange. I missed meeting this years inbound students for their first major get together. Bonus for missing the meeting, I was assigned to the District Committee as the Outbound Selections Chair...(sigh). Out of the frying pan and into the fire...that will teach me to miss a meeting.

Between recovering from the brutal body stiffness from bending over 3000 feet, reeling with the news I had acquired a new position in Rotary, dealing with the minutia of home renovation and 3 teenagers with varying emergent issues, I was actually working at my PAYING job (hence now to be known as my hobby since I work less at that than I do at the volunteer stuff...).

But the biggest news comes from the fact that Alex's visa to Turkey finally came through. With only a few days notice, we made last minute purchases, last meal requests, packed, weighed, repacked, partied, said goodbye in various venues (the girlfriend was the HARDEST) and before we knew it, we were driving to the airport.

The beginning of Alex's adventure began a year ago and it's so odd to look back and think the process culminated in a hug that lasted only 10 seconds. I know the adventure has only just begun for him, but for me, it ended when I let him go and he walked through the security gate. The boy I let go is now gone forever and it will be a year before I can hold the man he will become in my arms.

To top off a very emotional day, I hit and killed a deer on the way home from the airport. What can be read into that? A lot. But I refuse to contrive any connections and will think of the positive aspect in that I have a large vehicle and sustained no injury or visible damage.

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  1. You've got lots of stuff to do. This is quite emotional piece. I think he will have such amazing experience; good, bad, and unexpected. It'll be priceless.

    And I hope you have time to rest since there are so many jobs, both you want or don't want, you work now.

    Warm big hugs to you.